Search Challenge

Search is complex. Understanding, agreeing, communicating with the aim of improving search is not easy. Perhaps we should explore some scenarios, and ask how different people would solve a search challenge?

# Challenge 1: Wards best bits

So how would I find the "best" writing of an author in wiki? My definition of "best" will be different from others.

I will have the following problems: - I do not know where he writes, how many domains he writes under, or what is under which domain? - It will take me a long time to find out where he writes the type of material I am looking for - Ward may completely reorganise his writing space, and all the work I did above is broken.

# Journey 1: David imagines

In terms of a sustainable solution, I can only imagine one in which Ward maintains his own Search for Wards Stuff search engine. By search engine we mean merely a "way of finding" - the about activity plugin will oftne suffice for this type of "search".

For that to be true generally the incentives for Ward must be strong enough motivate him to do the rather dull work of maintaining his own personal search engine.

I may want to tweak it, but only ins

__David__ considers these incentives to be strong enough for any author who has more than one thousand or so pages written in wiki over a few years.

Based on his experience until that sort of scale arises, an author can simply remember where she has written her stuff, use no more than one or two sites to organise the material, and wiki-find is sufficient to keep track of their stuff.

# What other challenges can we think of?

Let's write down examples fo things we want to search for, and document our strategies to find these things.