Search Plugin

The search plugin contains a query as its text, performs that query on emit, and reports results in page as flags ordered by the titles that have them.

It is not at all clear (yet) what this search actually does. Does it search the full text of the page, or the title, or the first paragraph from the site-map, or links to or from a page - what is being searched?

# Customising Search

We can customise the About Search Plugin dialogue by changing the page-json of file:

# To do

The problem with this plugin is that the search is slow (it can take 30 seconds to conduct a search), and possibly / quite often it returns too much information. How can we improve it?

The 'more' link on any page would bring up a search result looking like a Roster of sites organized by the page names that they share in common and restricted to pages that share at least one story item sharing an id with our source.

See Distributed Search for the most exotic mechanism we hope to support with this plugin.

# Demo

The Search Plugin can do basic search for words (not phrases), and the contents of wiki links - essentially it searches the Search Index Downloads created by the Ruby sitemap scrape

This demo search takes > 20 seconds.


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