Some form of graph

An early attempt perhaps, but here we start to write down a rich description of the data structure we need for page scrape. Hello no - that we need for real evolving social knowledge creation.

# Autonomy

A graph, indeed a directed graph is a data structure rich enough to express much of our pages desire to both connect and express autonomy. Each page is both a story and Some form of graph which is yet to be determined, or rather whose determination is required to evolve over time.

# She must connect

Our graph serves to connect. It can be both a query, and simply a small part of a much larger graph that can self-assemble in many ways with other graph fragments to create a much larger graph. We could call such social graph activity search, but search conveys the sense of too much urgency. Nor does it imply a changing sometimes directed context over time. Dating is the term i prefer.

# She must evolve

And yet our page scrape, must begin humble. See also is one such start, as is the more conventional List of Links from each page.

Next we have our prototype in the Graph Plugin, and when we seek more structure still an Argument Map which is yet another interpretation of a pages internal and external relations. In this one paragraph we can begin to see an evolution of how each page might become responsible for its own scrape.

# See also